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Wool is Natural
Wool shorn from sheep is completely natural. It is composed entirely of amino acids, the building blocks of life.

Wool is Sustainable
It is produced from a totally renewable resource -grass- and is thus environmentally sound.

Wool is Renewable
Sheep can be shorn every 9-12 months. New Zealand sheep produce the cleanest and the whitest wool.

Wool is Biodegradable
in solil, wool readily biodegrades to produce nitrogen, sulfur, carbon dioxide and water, which are all plant nutrients.

To protect the welfare of the animals, no internationally banned pesticides are used, making the New Zealand sheep industry one of the greenest animal production systems.


Wool is Naturally Stain and Soil Resistant
The wool fibre is surrounded by scales (much like fish). These scales inhibit dirt from adhwring to the fibre and help fleck it away. Wool has significantly better soil release than any other fibre. Wool cleans better, making stain protection unnecesary.

Wool Carpet is Naturally Crush-Resistant
The wool fibre is naturally curly, and it has more crush resistance than any other fibre.

Wool Carpet is Hypo-Allergenic
Wool is non-allergenic and does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria.