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Natural Fiber

Natural fibers are of fine quality, and this is just one of the qualities and benefits. Please find below how natural fibers also benefit our planet, in oppsition of synthetic ones which is manufactured with intense use of energy ans petroleoum-based raw materials. Following there is a sample from Merida.



Natural Abaca


Natural Jute


Natural Paper


Natural Wool


Natural Grass


Natural Sisal


Considering thatUp to 90% of all carpet and rugs are made from nylon, polypropylene, polyester and other synthetics (all petroleum-based), this adds considerably to poluttion and energy deletion in its manufacturing. On the other hand, natural fiber carpets and rugs are made of natural, renewable, ecological materials ((sisal, jute, abaca, seagrass, coir, paper, and wool), contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Some specific benefits provided by the very nature of these natural materials are:

  • Renewable, including processes that allow for repeated harvesting without damaging the environment.
  • Considerable reduction in transformation processes during manufacturing. As their name implies, natural fibers generally are used almost in their natural form, therefore consuming much less transformations, additives, chemicals and other products resulting in using fewer resources than synthetics to become finished products.
  • Significant less impact on climate change because they do not use intensive CO2 generation materials such as petroleoum-based ones. Actually, vegetal fibers cntribute to reducing CO2 by soaking it up through their photosynthesis and consequent generation of oxygen.
  • When recycled, they can be used as materials again, or can become nutrients for the soil. thus, their life-cycle keeps being useful even when disposed...

Thus, by buying a natural fiber carpet or rug you are contributing for a better planet while making a statement about your values, beliefs, and priorities.